Understanding a Class Action Lawsuit

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The class action lawsuit is filed on behalf of many people that are in a similar situation, which have found an attorney to represent them, finance and litigate a lawsuit for all the members of the class. Filing and fighting a lawsuit alone can be expensive for one person that has been wronged, but when they join a class of people that have a similar situation they can join the class action lawsuit.  These cases can include wage and hour disputes, such as trucking overtime pay refusal by a greedy trucking company.

These are people that have been wronged by the same entity and the class action litigation will normally have few named plaintiffs. In most cases one or two names is common, but they can represent other people, in some cases hundreds or thousands of other people.

Small Claims Involving Many People Equals Class Action Lawsuits

When harm is done by a service or product the price can be small, there can be an extra $10 fee when buying the product or service. Multiply the $10 by all the people that paid this fee and the amount could be a profit of hundreds, thousands or even millions for the company that charged this fee. When a class action lawsuit is successful the company is forced to pay all of the members of the class action suit their extra money, plus pay a penalty.

Class Action Suits Right Wrongs for Individuals

The class action suit rights wrongs for the individual, this is a way for the person that has a case that would not be worth fighting alone, like an employer that does not pay proper overtime rates, household products that fail under normal usage or the manufacturer that fixes prices. When this individual joins others in a class action lawsuit it is a way to help themselves and others to send a message that the employer, company or manufactures actions were wrong and there is a price to pay.

Attorneys Fighting for Justice with Class Action Lawsuits

The class action lawsuit takes resources and not all law firms invest in this type of suit, they might not have the resources or do not want to spend these resources to fight these type of cases that can be difficult. At Ehline Law we bring wronged people together with other people that have suffered similar wrongdoing to fight for justice.

Attorneys Seeking Justice for Many People

Not all law firms have the resources to file a class action lawsuit, it takes a significant investment and a great deal of time to investigate wrongdoing. The attorneys will use the legal discovery process, consult with expert witnesses and obtain the class action certification. Then they will fight the case in court against corporate attorneys that have endless resources to right the wrong done to their clients involved in the class action suit.  Contact us now. 888.400.9721.