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If you worked overtime, are a trucker, and didn’t get paid for working overtime, you may have a class action lawsuit against your boss that is worth millions of dollars. Read below to learn some of your legal rights, make a free call, get free legal advice, and help stop unfair business practices involving transportation trucking companies.

Overtime and Truck Drivers

Truck drivers have overtime or time and a half rules and these can be multifaceted, however they can be summarized so that the rules are understandable to the layman.

Overtime applies to certain truck drivers:

• The delivery of goods to a place of sale in California, when they have been manufactured in California.

• When the goods are not manufactured in California, but are picked up at a location in California and delivered within the state where they will be sold.

Overtime that does not apply to truck drivers:

• The transportation of goods across state lines, in either direction. This means being transported out of California or being transported into the state.

• Manufactured goods that are made in or outside of California and the final sale location is outside of the state, even when part of the route is through California.

The rules for truck drivers and over time that are pursuant to the Fair Labor Standards Act, states that employees are to be paid time and a half when working over 40 hours in the same week. This rule applies to truck drivers, except if there is an exemption of the law that does not require the employee to receive overtime compensation.

In most cases the driver that transports goods over state lines is exempt from overtime. This includes goods transported in the state, but being transported to another state the driver would generally be exempt from overtime. The driver that delivers to a warehouse in that is in California and the goods were picked up in California, but they will be transported to Nevada or another state for final sale is considered still in travel.

This driver would not be entitled to overtime. The driver can be entitled to overtime if the last leg of the transport of goods are to remain in California. If the goods are transported to be warehoused in California and then to be transported to another state the driver will not be entitled to overtime.

A truck driver that has questions about how these laws apply to them or believes they have not been paid overtime that is due to them can contact our Ehline Law Firm PC law offices at 888-400-9721. We can then review your circumstances and see if there is a claim for overtime wages.